Brightin Star 50mm F1.8 Portrait Manual Focus Lens

Brightin Star 50mm F1.8 Portrait Manual Focus Lens

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Brightin Star | APS-C
Size, weight: 57.5*48mm, 227g
Mount: Canon EF-M, Sony, M4/3, Fuji X, Nikon Z
Scene: still life, food, portrait
Portrait golden focal length prime lens

It has a 50mm golden focal length for portrait photography, which is equivalent to a full-frame 75-80mm, expressing a perspective close to the human eye, and the shooting effect is excellent.

F1.8 large aperture, the blur effect is obvious. When shooting portraits, the background is beautiful and blurred, the main body is prominent, and the picture is pure and bright.

The closest focusing distance is 38cm, and the details and bokeh effect are excellent in macro shooting, suitable for shooting food or product still life.

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