BRIGHTIN STAR 50mm F0.95 camera lenses is a large aperture full frame manual Prime lens. If the aperture is larger than F1.0, it can be called the night god lens.

Wide-angle camera lenses have always been a series that photographers cannot avoid. It is a focal length that is widely used in starry sky/architecture/landscape/indoor VLOG.

BRIGHTIN STAR 60mm F2.8 macro camera lenses has an excellent 2:1 magnification, the imaging effect is twice the actual, can show more real details of the subject, and when shooting insects, you can take closer pictures at a greater distance to avoid disturbing the insects.

Feedback from customers
We always put the user's experience first, to do high value, high quality, playability and practicality of the good camera lens.
  • Carter Davis
    This camera lenses is exactly what you expect it will be and more. I like to use this for candids, landscapes, and creative work. One of my favorite M43 lenses for the price and if you learn how to use it you can take stunning and neat photos. It is pretty durable and compact, just be wary of lense flares from the sun and focus peaking can be difficult.
  • Vyx
    After a short real shot test, I fully trust this lens, which perfectly shows the wide-angle effect described in the description. The magnificent scene is displayed in front of my eyes like a giant movie screen, without the edge distortion of other inferior lenses, and the image is smooth and clear. Don't worry about manual focus, the lens has precise scales, so you can learn all this quickly. I am very satisfied with its appearance. The lens is made of all metal and matched with an exquisite packaging box. The super low price even made me think that I bought the wrong thing
  • Keith Feickert
    I bought this lens to use on my Nikon Zfc with the ETZ-11 adapter. But on a trip to The Wave in Arizona, I decided to pair it up with my A7R4. The results are insanely not too far off from my $3,000 Sony 12-24 f/2.8 G Master. Of course, you have to use this lens within it’s limits in order to get great results. Figure that out and you have a real gem here.
  • Jaykstah
    I just got a refurbished Canon camera EOS m200 and attached this Brightin Star 60mm Macro Lens to it, I spent about half an hour in my backyard and took the attached photos with it. It is incredible value for the money, I would have rated this a PERFECT lens. You'll be all set to take incredibly high-quality macro photos for a very reasonable price!
  • cycleography
    This is the first camera lens i've bought that worked exactly as expected and better than i thought. the focus ring is smooth and objects pop into focus very quickly. you can quickly set it to shoot in focus from a few feet to a few miles away due to the deep focal range. It gives a great fisheye effect up close but it's also passable if you want to try to correct it in post to look like a standard lens. It's honestly way sharper than i thought it would be..., you really cannot go wrong.
  • Brayan Ramos
    Took a little bit of getting used to as a rookie photographer, but once I got the hang of it after a couple of tries, I love this lens! Absolutely gorgeous macro shots! I don’t have many pictures of it actually taking close up macro shots, but it still takes amazing pictures outside of the typical usage. Used with Canon M50 MarkII