Brightin Star 10mm F5.6 Fisheye Lens Wide-Angle Lens Pancake Lens Manual Fixed Focus Lens

  • Super wide-angle micro SLR mount cookie fisheye lens
  • Mouth: Canon EF-M, Nikon Z, Sony E, M4/3, Fuji X
  • Using 10mm focal length, the most comfortable distance in street photography, with an extraordinary 173° viewing angle, you can enjoy everything
  • Hanging small fisheye, no burden to go outcan be directly into the waistband
  • Scenery: Landscape, Architecture, Travel, People, Humanities

Brightin Star 7.5mm F2.8 Fisheye Manual Focus Prime Lens

  • Super wide-angle large aperture fisheye lens
  • Mount: Sony E, Canon M, Fuji FX, Nikon Z, M4/3
  • Useing 180° ultra-wide viewing angle, you can obtain a more exaggerated viewfinder range and create a new feeling for shooting
  • F2.8 large aperture, shooting stars and galaxies, ensuring the amount of light entering
  • Scene: starry sky, galaxy, scenery, architecture

Brightin Star 16mm F2.8 Full Frame Ultral Wide Angle Manual Focus Mirrorless Camera Lens

Full Frame
  • Full-frame ultra-wide-angle lens
  • Mount: Canon RF, Nikon Z, Leica M, Sony mount, L mount
  • 105° ultra-wide field of view, a new photography experience
  • F2.8 large aperture, the lens adopts diaphragm blades, sufficient light input, excellent spot effect, no fear of night scenes, starry sky, weak light
  • Excellent anti-distortion ability, it is a sharp tool for shooting cityscapes, night scenes, and starry sky
  • Scene: starlight, scenery, architecture, indoor

Brightin Star 12mm F2.0 Ultra Wide-Angle Big Aperture APS-C Manual Focus Mirrorless Cameras Lens

  • Super wide-angle large aperture lens
  • Mount: Canon EF-M, Nikon Z, M4/3, Sony mount, Fuji X
  • Ultra-wide-angle 97° shooting range, shooting shocking big scenes
  • F2.0 large aperture with large wide-angle design, has excellent starry sky and night scene shooting ability
  • Near-zero distortion optical design breaks through photography barriers
  • Scene: starry sky, night scene, landscape

Brightin Star 28mm F2.8 Camera Lens Black Lacquer Ultra-Thin Pancake Lens Wide-Angle Lens Classic Humanistic Lens

Full Frame
  • Classic Ultra-thin Humanities Lens
  • Mount: Leica M mount
  • F2.8-F16 adopts variable aperture, and the night scene shooting has better realization
  • Adopt 10 aperture design to ensure aperture quality and support macular linkage
  • Scenes: humanities, close-ups, street photography, pets, portraits
Add UV Protection Filter

Brightin Star 23mm F5.6 Full Frame Manual Focus Prime Lens

Full Frame
  • Hyperfocal biscuit on-hook micro-single lens
  • Mount: Canon RF, Nikon Z, Sony mount, L mount
  • Biscuit lens, small and easy to carry, is the first choice for travel, hanging up, street shooting, and cultural photography
  • Humanistic perspective, street photography, good close-up shooting effect, easy to capture satisfactory pictures
  • Scenes: humanities, close-ups, street photography, pets, portraits

60mm F2.8 II 2X Macro Magnification Manual Focus Mirrorless Camera Lens, Compatible with M43 Mount Cameras

  • 2X magnification macro lens
  • Mount: Fuji XF (APS-C), Canon RF, Nikon Z, Sony E, Sigma L
  • 2:1 double magnification, more visual impact than the 1:1 magnification macro on the market
  • The equivalent focal length on the half-frame body is 90mm, which is a sufficient safe shooting distance, which is conducive to shooting insects and other inaccessible objects
  • Scenes: insects, snowflakes, flowers, still life, people

Brightin Star 50mm F0.95 Full Frame Large Aperture Manual Focus Mirrorless Camera Lens

Full Frame
  • Full Frame Yeshen Lens - Night Scene Large Aperture
  • Mount: Canon RF, Sony mount, L, Fuji X, Nikon Z
  • Eye of the Night, F0.95 super large aperture night scene portrait lens, the background is dreamy and blurred, with a better sense of atmosphere
  • 50mm focal length, shallow depth of field brings unique imaging effect, very suitable for night scene portraits, humanistic street sweeping
  • Scene: night scene, still life, food, portrait

Brightin Star 35mm F0.95 Night God Portrait Star APS-C Manual Fixed Focus Lens Suitable For Fuji X/Canon M/RF/M43/Sony E/Nikon Z Mount

  • F0.95 super large aperture ensures light intake for night scenes
  • Mount: Canon EOS-M/RF, Nikon Z, Sony E, M4/3, Fuji X
  • The all-metal lens body is made of aviation aluminum, and the lens adopts multi-layer coating process
  •  It has aperture, precise control, and high-end lens configuration, which can better control exposure and blur.
  • Scenes: portraits, food, cute pets, still life

Brightin Star 55mm F1.8 Full Frame Large Aperture Manual Focus Mirrorless Camera Lens

Full Frame
  • Full frame mirrorless single lens
  • Mount: Canon RF, Sony mount, Nikon Z
  • Full-frame micro-single lens, satisfying the choice of professional photography
  • Golden focal length, less perspective distortion, F1.8 large aperture, good blur effect, greatly increasing the atmosphere of the work
  • All-metal body, easy to carry and drop-proof, not easy to damage
  • Scene: travel, landscape, portrait, wedding dress, still life

Brightin Star 50mm F1.4 Manual Focus Prime Lens

  • Large aperture portrait prime lens
  • Mount: Canon ER-M, Sony mount, M4/3, Fuji X, L mount
  • Multi-layer nano-coating greatly reduces ultraviolet rays and stray light entering the lens, effectively eliminating ghosting and glare
  • Full aperture resolution 30 line pairs over 0.7, with high resolution
  • Scene: travel, portrait, food, pet

Brightin Star 50mm F1.8 Portrait Manual Focus Lens

  • Portrait golden focal length prime lens
  • Mount: Canon EF-M, Sony mount, M4/3, Fuji X, Nikon Z
  • It has a 50mm golden focal length for portrait photography, which is equivalent to a full-frame 75-80mm, perspective close to the human eye, and the shooting effect is excellent
  • F1.8 large aperture, the blur effect is obvious. When shooting portraits, the background is beautiful and blurred, the main body is prominent, and the picture is pure and bright
  • The closest focusing distance is 38cm, and the details and bokeh effect are excellent in macro shooting, suitable for shooting food or product still life
  • Scene: still life, food, portrait

Brightin Star 35mm F1.7 Wide-Angle Manual Focus Prime Lens

  • Large aperture fixed focus lens
  • Mount:Canon ER-M, Nikon Z, Sony mount, M4/3, Fuji X
  • Aesthetic blurring, separation of characters and backgrounds, highlighting key points, directly improving the sense of atmosphere to a higher level
  • Hardcore picture quality, F1.7 large aperture, large amount of light in night scenes
  • Scene: portrait, food, cute pet, still life