Brightin Star 7.5mm F2.8 Fisheye Manual Focus Prime Lens for Sony E, Canon M, Fuji FX, Nikon Z, M4/3 Mount

Brightin Star 7.5mm F2.8 Fisheye Manual Focus Prime Lens for Sony E, Canon M, Fuji FX, Nikon Z, M4/3 Mount

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Brightin Star | APS-C
Size, weight: 62.3*57.5mm, 260g
Mount: Sony E, Canon M, Fuji FX, Nikon Z, M4/3
Scene: Starry sky, Galaxy, Scenery, Architecture
180° super wide viewing angle, F2.8 large aperture

Brightin Star 7.5mm F2.8 Fisheye Lens Ultra Wide Angle Lens APS-C Lens Manual Focus Mirrorless Camera Lens Fir For Micro 4/3, Sony E, Fuji X Mount

[Attention Please] In order to provide you with a satisfying experience, please make sure you've READ and UNDERSTAND the below information before purchasing. Please kindly note this Brightin Star camera lens is only used for Mirrorless Camera, NOT for SLR Camera.

[Note] This product is a manual lens without an auto-focus function. And the most important thing is to make sure you've set the "release without lens" mode, or your camera may unable to take pictures or videos. If you need any help about tha contact our customer service team directly.

[Ultra Wide-Angle Fisheye Lens]- Brightin-Star 7.5mm F2.8 has an extraordinary 180° angle of view, and at the same time can minimize picture distortion, such as starry sky, buildings, grasslands, beaches, wilderness, exhibition halls.

[F2.8 Large Aperture]- The Lens with an industry-leading f/2.8 Aperture, creating perfect Bokeh-Effects, while ensuring that more light can still be obtained in night scenes and dim environments.

[Sharp Focus & Soft Out-Of-Focus Image Quality]- The lens structure is 11 elements in 9 groups, it can make the picture near the focus point sharp and clear when focusing, while ensuring that the picture outside the focus range is soft.

[Compatible Information]

Canon EF-Mount: M M2 M3 M5 M6 M6II M10 M100 M50

Sony E-Mount: FS7 FS7M2 FS5 FS5M2K A7 A7II A7R A7RII A7S A7SII A7III A7RIII A3000 A6500 A6300 A6400 A6000 A5100 A5000


Fujifilm X-Mount: X-PRO1 X-PRO2 X-E1 X-E2 X-E3 X-H1 X-T1 X-T10 X-T2 X-T3 X-T20 X-T30 X-T100 X-A1 X-A1O X-A2 X-A3 X-A5 X-A20 X-M1

M4/3-Mount: Panasonic G1 G2 G3 G5 G6 G7 G9/ GH1 GH2 GH3 GH4 GH5 GH5S/ GM1 GM5 GM7 GX1 GX7 GX8 GX9 GX85/ GF1 GF2 GF3 GF5 GF6 GF7 GF8 GF9 GF10

M4/3-Mount: Olympus EPM1 EPM2/ E-P1 E-P2 E-P3 E-P5/ E-M1 E-M1/ E-M5 E-M5/E-M10 E-M10/?E-M10/E-PL1 E-PL2 E-PL3 E-PL5 E-PL6 E-PL7 E-PL8 E-PL9.

The brand name listed herein are for reference purposes only, Brightin Star is an independent brand.

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